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How to install a [plugin].py ?

Hi,i am a beginner in GIMP.I would like to know how to install a plugin that end with .py?I found a few information from the GIMP forum but it still doesn't works.Hope you guys can provide me the steps.Thank you.


  1. Save the .py file in your plug-ins folder. If you're not sure where your plug-ins folder is, you can check by opening GIMP and going to <Toolbox>/File/Preferences -> Folders -> Plug-Ins. If more than one folder is shown, then any one of them will work.
  2. Make the .py file executable. On UNIX systems, type this in the shell: chmod +x On other operating systems, you might have to do it differently, or it might not be necessary.
  3. Close and reopen GIMP if it's already running.
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