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Ermm I have lost my Layers dialog window...

How can I restore it?

Please help.


I hit ctrl+l and there it was! 'If everybody is thinking the same, somebody is not thinking.' - General George S Patton US Army WWII

If you read the above and thought it was a Ctrl key + the letter i (I) like I did, have no fear you are not losing your mind, its Ctrl+L (lower case l works just fine.)

Yes this is tongue in cheek as I understand (now) the above poster meant the lower case 'l' and I just thought it was an 'i'. Font type (and case) can really make a difference to understanding what a letter is, too funny. Thank you to the poster below for mentioning the Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Layers where it shows Ctrl+L and the light bulb went off for me. Using Gimp 2.6.8, FYI.

i lost my color balance window. whenever i click on it the long box on the left it says tht there is no option for this. and nothing in the help section of gimp tells me how to get it back...any1 wana help me out?

The only way I could duplicate this problem is by attempting what you described without an image open. With an image open, it showed options. There are no options for Color Balance in the dialog box, but you should get a context menu when you select the option with an image open.

well the color balance thingy should come up in a pop-up thing(like the foreground color thing). but if that does not work, famous last words: DON'T ASK ME

First thing I do is check keyboard shortcuts combinations so that I don't use an existing shortcut, unawares. If by pressing the keys combination does not produce any options/menus, I use it as a keyboard shortcut (Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts under Tools for Color Balance). For example Alt + B, I found it had no assignment to it, so I went in Edit - Keyboard Shortcuts and assigned it to Color Balance.

When I am using the tablet and pen, I found this to be an awesome way of assigning functions to the pen, on the fly. So far its worked very well (knocking on wood).

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