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Opening GAP

i have gap
but i dont know how to open it...
can someone please help me???

well how to answer if any detail is missed ? Which O.S you use Mac, Windows XP or Vista, some linux distro ? Which version of gimp you have Which version of GAP you want install...from where you download it? Supposing that you use Windows, you get gimp 2.4 then right version of GAP should be 2.4... IT is listed here on this side...and you have not to "open" but to move in the right place, anyway how to is included in the ZIP inside a how to text file

i have windows xp my version of gimp is 2.4.6 i read a forum topic about gap and it lead me to a windows installer for gap 2.4 but can you plese tell me how to open gap???

you mean you get from here ? if so if you installed well you may seen ,opening gimp a new VIDEO menu , most of Gap plugin are there And if you need to know how install is quite simple First open the zip and extract what inside then move what inside the plugin folder in one of the gimp plugin folder (usually in C:Documents and Settings/yourname/.gimp/plugin ) and the content of the script folder in a gimp script folder ( you should have one in C:Documents and Settings/yourname/.gimp/script) PS if we are speaking of the same release you will find many files with exe estension...if not good chances that you are trying to install source code,. that is not possible (well is not easy) so again refer to this link to download

thank you for the answer. yes, i did get the installer from there and it is not source code... but i do not understand what you mean by if so if you installed well you may seen ,opening gimp a new VIDEO menu , most of Gap plugin are there could you please clarify?

Well if is installed in the imagine window (so first you should open or create a imagine) you should see after the " Filter "menu a new Video menu
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