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EDIT: ah, found it. It's called "Portable Background Window", and is on SourceForge ( Works beautifully. Hopefully this post will help somebody else.

Hello. Sorry to dig up this old interface thing again, but it continues to drive me a bit crazy having 15 windows that I have to open to see my GIMP workspace in Windows XP.

I was going to give Deweirdifyer a go, but it doesn't seem to be downloadable from anywhere any more. Does anybody know what happened to it?

I'm not keen on going for GimpShop, as I'm quite happy with everything else about GIMP's way of setting things out.

Thanks in advance.

I have found that if you download the Gimpshop installer that includes the Deweirdifyer plug-in, you have the option to just install that plug-in during the installation. I haven't tried it though as I did the full install.

i will suggest you to find different solution that deweirdifyer. all hacks to get a single windows in gimp are somehow buggy but Gimpshop and deweirdifier are the worse (and the most outdated) then you should know that gimp 2.4 may use docks, that may contain unlimeted dialods no reason to have 15 windows you may dock all that in the lower part of the toolbox..(so you will have 1 window for imagine + the toolbox with all the dialogus, to switch dialogs just click the tab alternative if you run windows 1 wait for a installer of gimp 2.5 (is a beta but still more stable then gimpshop) 2 search for Gimphoto is based on a much more recent version of gimp the Gimpshop, as the name suggest is optimized for photo editing...(and it offer a optional add on for what you need ) 3 form you may download the portable version of gimp, may be installed also in the main HD and as optional add on has 2 plugin to get the kind of lay out that you need
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