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G'MIC : GREYC's Magic for Image Computing

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The G'MIC plug-in for GIMP proposes a set of various filters to apply on your images, including artistic effects, image denoising and enhancement algorithms, 3D renderers, etc.. It is a quite large plug-in, integrating a lot of different effects.

This plug-in is able to :

  • Propose an image preview window for each available filter.
  • Manage multi-layers inputs and outputs. G'MIC defines filters to compose layers or create animations from static images.
  • Update his list of filter definitions from the Internet, so it is able to improve itself over time.
  • Allow any user to add its own custom filters in it, written in the G'MIC language interpreted by the internal image processing engine.

G'MIC has been written by the author of GREYCstoration, a GIMP plug-in dedicated to image denoising and smoothing. All former GREYCstoration algorithms have been improved and integrated into G'MIC.

Latest version of G'MIC is numbered :

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A quite complete overview of available image effects can be seen on the official G'MIC plug-in page.

gmic4gimp_win32.zip1.42 MB
gmic4gimp_linux32.zip853.62 KB
gmic4gimp_linux64.zip797.15 KB
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What about the direct link that is included in the description?

My first attempt, the direct link just dropped me off at the sourceforge website. I came back later and the direct link uploaded a win32 zip file. Guess it was being picky beforehand.

This is mainly a maintenance version, with some bug corrections. One filter has been added, allowing to transform images according to polar transforms.

I'm happy to announce the version of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP. It defines some new filters, and improve some of the existing ones. You are welcome to test it ! Regards, David.

G'MIC package has been updated to version This is a quite stable version, hope no minor releases will be done for a quite long time.

It's a very quick and small update of the version, which corrects two small bugs and which add new entries for creating 'animated' versions of filters, i.e. filters that create image sequences from a set of starting parameters to a set of ending parameters. Two screenshots of this particular feature follows : and

I'm happy to announce the release of the version of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP. It has some new filters and small improvements (mainly internal ones, so not easily visible for the end-user). Do not hesitate to update the plug-in binary if you are already a G'MIC user. Regards, David.

Is there a way to access the functions directly from Script-Fu?? The best I can see to do is to pop-up the G'MIC window :( Awesome tool!!

I'd actually love to see all my filters and scripts inside this awesome plugin. It sure would free up some space on my Filters Menu. Excellent plugin, thanks!

Hi. The version of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP has been released. It has some new features and corrections. This is planed to be one of the latest release for a while, unless major bugs are found.


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