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.dds plug in

Hi, Could some one please tell me how to install the .dds plug in? I have tried all kinds but cant seem to get it to work when i try and open the .dds file in gimp it says not supported file type :( I am really desperate to open this file and hoping someone can help
Thank you

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i installed the plug-in successfully but i don't have any dds file to test it. anyway, i could save a dds file and then reopen it without problems.

I'm trying to install the dds and it said I need to install libgimpbase well I downloaded it and it still didn't install does any1 no where to put it???? please help :(

This has been answered in this thread already - twice.

If the installation process went smoothly you should have no problem opening it, I guess something went wrong though so if I were you I would try to install it once more. If that doesn't work try using a file extension software, you should have no problem with that.

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