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installation trouble

I feel like a tard posting this, but I've been trying to install some of these scripts for over a hour now with no luck, maybe one of you can shine some light on this

right now I'm trying to install (on Windows XP)

I've saved the file put it in my
"C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts"
folder after opening gimp though the script isn't in any of the menus, at least that i can find, looking at the code of the script in notepad i see

" script-fu-register "script-fu-soft-focus" _"/Script-Fu/Enhance/Soft focus..." "

in the code I'm assuming that's where it's trying to install it, but my version of gimp (2.4.5) doesn't have a script fu menu

I thought maybe the script would make that menu it self after installing it no luck after that i tried changing it to

" script-fu-register "script-fu-soft-focus" _"/Filters/Enhance/Soft focus..."

no luck


No the menu is not the problem, as you supposed script may create their menu But windows is tricky till you do not change same DUMB defaults You should go in Start/ "search" there tool/Option/visualization CHECK ALLOW VISUALIZATION FOR HIDDEN FILES UNCHECK HIDE EXTENSION FOR MOST COMMUNE FILES After that you will see the problem...good chance that Windows saved the script as "softfocus.scm.txt" instead then as "softfocus.scm"... but you have to change that dumb setting to notice the problem

It originally saved it as softfocus.html but i renamed it into .scm before trying everything in my first post. i think the script just might not be compatible with my version of gimp i was looking around at and I saw "The following scripts have been updated to Gimp 2.4 and can be found in the scripts section." all the scripts under that work for me

hmm this time I told my browser to save it as a .txt instead of the .html it was saving it as then renamed it .scm (note i was renaming it .scm with html too) and it worked

worked by luck When you save something as a script or a text windows give you only 2 option The most visible (txt) is the wrong one, but where you see txt that is NOT the only option but a drop down list If you expand you will see the right option "All Files" In the strange language used by WIN save as "All files" means "Save as it is, don't change extension" Script work in Gimp 2.4 but if saved with different extension may become unusable (even if you rename the extension)

sorry I did not realize that the question had been answered please forgive this unnecessary post :( I just couldn't figure out how to delete it?
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