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Can Anyone Help Me get my bamboo fun pen tablet to work in gimp?

If there is a solution I need lamen terms to the best of your ability. I Have a bamboo fun pen tablet from wacom and when i try to move the cursor inside any gimp window it freezes? Sometimes it will work and sometimes it will not? In the list of controllers there is a active x controller that I can add to active controllers. What is the latest version of gimp? I have 2.4.6? With a bamboo fun tablet with the latest drivers installed? The tablet works everywhere else except in gimp., journla, input panel, windows paint, photoshop elements 5, and corel painter essentials 3? Just not in gimp?


I've got this same problem. It's terribly annoying. Regular Bamboo tablet (not Fun); works in absolutely every program in existence BESIDES GIMP. For some reason if I put the cursor in a GIMP window for more than two seconds it stops moving and I have to use my mouse, which is not what I bought the tablet for. Help?

I think that that is an important point to note because vista is different. Home Premium SP1->> 32 bit Os. Dell Iaspiron,530s 2gb of RAM. Processor-Intel PentiumDual CPU E2160 @1.80GHz 1.80GHz I guess its bets to provide the most info that I can? Sorry I didn't before.

Found a fix! It looks a little complicated, using the hex editor, but find the post that describes the fix, follow its instructions correctly and you're in the clear. Plus, GIMP is GNU, so if you break it you can always download a new one. :D

But thanks for trying?

I have the same problem, and I am not using Vista OS. I would hesitate to attempt the posted fix - any other suggestions?? I will check with GIMP if I can find a contact there, and if I come up with anything i will post it here...

got it - you were right... but i have to say i used one of my techie friends to do the fix. works fine now

I tried the fix on the bug report, edited the binary with a hex editor and can confirm this works with Gimp 2.4.6. If you don't fancy hacking the DLL yourself you can download it here: Close GIMP, download the DLL, copy it to "c:\program files\Gimp 2.0\bin" and restart GIMP. The problem should be fixed :) The file size is different because I have UPX in my "Send To" menu, no malware I promise! Also this is technically a GPL violation, so expect it to go offline as soon as the FSF threaten to sue me ;) Have fun!

Thanks The dll worked like a dream. Hope it helps others

Thanks for the DLL! My graphire finally works with GIMP, I can't truly express how happy I am.

Thanks to everyone for the hard work, but this doesn't work in 2.6.x? The downloaded patch prevents GIMP initializing, and line 39180 reads DB 89 75 F8 89 7D FC 8B 7D 10 E8 51 7C 01 00 89 What am I doing wrong (other than not using 2.4.5)? EDIT: Er,...Don't know the answer, but putting original .dll back (I left copies of the original and the downloaded patch in separate folders in the bin directory) made it work. If anything, the pen's more responsive than in Photoshop. Happy now!

I will delete this thread soon, unless someone can provide proof that this is still needed.

In my understanding of the problem, recent versions of GTK+ - that are shipped with recent installers of GIMP - should contain this fix already.

Mine won't work either, I have no idea where to begin. I think I have all the latest drivers

I myself am just starting to have this problem, I use an older CTE-430 Sapphire Wacom that I borrowed without driver. In the begining I just plugged it in my Vista PC (32 bit, home premium I think) and it updated as a PS/2 mouse, working fine with no touch sensitivity, and regular mouse movement and settings. Up until recently this has worked fine, but when I was looking for a good graphics pad to buy for myself, I noticed how many software packages that comes with WACOM products, and I thought I might as well download the latest driver for better precision and stuff. Anyways, I download the driver, and got a bunch of pointless typing programs on my PC and the pen now simulates a screen with no display (whenever I put it in the corner of the pad, it goes all the way to the corner of my screen, as opposed to before, where it behaved like a mouse), and it keeps lagging in GIMP and eventually stopped working. I tried to fix this by deleting the driver from the control panel, and in the end I just made Windows find one through the internet. Like the WACOM driver it worked for a short while, but now GIMP won't recognize it as an input (I can move it like a mouse, but when I'm on the on the picture, every control go numb and I can only hover with the mouse pointer). I have no idea what to make of this, and that .dll link that was posted hasn't got the file what so ever. It just seems that everybody's having the same problem, with the same software.

have found that if you keep the pen in the pad zone while starting Gimp,The pen will register and work fine.The pen mst be in the pad zone and barely touching the pad! Give it a try,it works with my Bamboo!

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