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Stuck again creating scripts

Again, (now with my ffaat account) mollom has desided I am a spammer. I can't create new scripts at all, and can't comment without a catcha challenge.

-Rob A>

I've mailed the Mollom support. At least, this will help to get your reputation cleaned (also the reputation of your former account). I've also asked them to disclose how your accounts came to be classified as spamming.

I tried again today, still locked out... -Rob A>

I'll ask for a reputation reset of all users who have been classified via this site.

The support has hinted that this is a general problem with Drupal 5. Ingo is currently working on an update to Drupal 6.

Thanks - hope the reset takes. seems it is not just a problem here from the (active) thread at drupal: Also - Any way I can combine the ffaat and RobA accounts here? (EDIT: Still needed to captcha to post this, so I'm guessing I am still in the mollom bad books...) -Rob A>
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