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Any way to have Gimp-Shop memorize last Folder location?

newbie question here.....

I just loaded Gimp-Shop 2.2.8, and so far, it runs fine...
But each time I reopen the program, I have to go through the whole file/tree structure to get to "My Pictures" folder...So OLD SCHOOL...Blah...

I would be able to chose 'Open" and have the directory go right to "MY Pictures" Every time...Is this possible??

Thanks Arbib


... the real gimp 2.2 (without -shop) on an old windoze-xp-box, but here the file open starts in the current directory. Try this:

  1. right click on your gimp-icon on the desktop
  2. click on the entry at the bottom of the popup-menu (i guess its called "properties" in english windoze (here, i only have a german one...))
  3. click on the second tab from the left
  4. now, the second text-entry-box (likely called "execute in") holds the current working directory. Type in something like "c:\my pictures" (or wherever your pictures actually are) and click "ok".
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