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Planned Stuff

Just a quick note on what the future plans are.

  1. Send a mail to the authors, asking for registration and re-submission of content. Going to do that today (Monday, 31st)
  2. Adapt the theme as a Drupal theme -- If we get help, ASAP, otherwise end of January / early February. It is not too difficult but ornery.
  3. Check out how authors and users like the site and get a list of changes from their feedback.

Two questions- Is there an expected go live date yet? If I have a plugin or two to contribute should I go ahead and put them in here now? (I had never tried to contribute to the old registry, but would like to going forward.) -Rob A>

Hi Rob, yes, please just upload them here. The "go live date" was announced to be the 15th but then I got ill. However, its going to be real soon now ;-) cheers, Ingo
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