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Dithering filter options when applying indexed colour

Hi all,

I couldn't find anything on here so I thought I'd ask...

With GIMP as standard there aren't many options for dithering when you change an image to indexed colour. It's either none, or Floyd-Steinburg which is often too much speckling, or FS with reduced colour bleeding which isn't much different.

In my travels I've come across the Burkes filter which is often used for dithering, which often produces more accurate results than Floyd-Steinburg. It would be great to either see this as an option, or have an option of dialling up how much dithering you want (0-100%) - which I used to be able to do on Photoshop 7.

Does anyone know of a plugin that adds this functionality to GIMP?


What did dialing the dithering amount (0-100) actually do? Was it the same as pre-adjusting the brightness or gamma of the object then dithering? -Rob A>

Changing the dithering percentage changes how much dithering is used. This is very useful! Sometimes just a little dithering is all you need, too much and your image looks like it has freckles... or even eczema, lol.

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