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Need some help with Script-Fu...

I'm a recent switch from Windows to Linux; I'm on OpenSUSE 10.3 x64, and I'm using the GIMP that came with the installation.

I managed to download and install brushes just fine, but now I need a way to resize them. I did find the "resiZebrush".scm, I unzipped it, and installed it in my "/home/user/.gimp-2.2/scripts" folder.

I figured out how to get the "brushutil" to work once I opened a new file, but when I go to attempt to use the plugin, I get an error message that says:

Could not open 'usr/share//gimp2.0\brushes\#resized.gbr' for writing: Permission denied

ResiZebrush MESSAGE:
Error while executing
(script-fu-resize-brush 3 6 0.1977528-898876405)
ERROR: Procedural database execution failed:
(file_gbr_save 1 4 8 "usr/share/gimp/2.0\\brushes\\#resized.gbr" "usr/share/gimp/2.0\\brushes\\#resized.gbr" 25 "AxRdr70WintBrz_9#resiZed")

This is really irritating. Help?

Where is resiZebrush?

Me found 1 called 'ResizeBrush.scm' on

(Copyright (C) 2005 by Michael Hoelzen <MichaelHoelzen AT>). If dats de one u have, try change "\\brushes\\" to "/brushes/" to make it *nix only... and maybe "gimp-data-directory" to something like "gimp-user-data-directory", cause u don't usually write in /usr/share/.

An if dat woiks, upload 'ere...


I've managed to fix the prob with the resizebrush script... I'll upload it asap. [Edit] I've uploaded it.

Hi, don't know if this will help. From what u've posted it looks as if th script is trying 2 write 2 th /usr/... folder. That folder is only accessable 2 root. Open th script in a text editor like kate, & c if u can find th line tha has th "usr/" bit in & change it 2 yr home folder. Also *nix doesn't use "\" 2 seperate folders like win does, it uses "/", so it wuld b a good idea 2 change those 2. I'll hav a look @ th script 2 & post my results. K
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