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what org decides on plugin packages?

Who or what organization decides what Gimp plugins are packaged with various distributions? For example, does the Gimp org choose a set to package with Gimp? Does Debian org decide to include other plugins that the Gimp org has not blessed by including in their distribution of Gimp? Does Ubuntu org further include other plugins that Debian has not blessed by inclusion?

Who decides what goes into the gimp-plugin-registry package? What is the intent? Are the plugins in gimp-plugin-registry package supposed to be related? Everything found uploaded to this site

For example, if I have fixes or improvements to a plugin, should I upload them here, or submit them to the original developer or current maintainer of the plugin, or find a new repository for the SUPPOSED improvements until they are blessed by popularity among the general user base?

I suppose that true fixes of bugs should be submitted to the gimp bug list.

As far as I know, nobody except the Debian developers does decide what's included in their gimp-plugin-registry. I do not even know if the package name is a reference to this site.
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