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Mouse bugs in Gimp 2.6.5


I've upgraded recently from Gimp 2.6.3 to Gimp 2.6.5 under Windows XP.
To do so, I just installed the new version and remapped the link to the correct plug-ins folders.

When I open Gimp 2.6.5, I get the main area at the center surrounded with a left area (the tools icons) and the right area (the information area); these areas look like in separate windows (such as you can see from standard Gimp screenshots).

When I click for example on the left area and select the 'standard' arrow icon in order to move objects, something wrong happens in Gimp as I cannot click anymore on the menu options (have to do it with keyboard shortcuts); neither can configure any plugin option; neither can validate anything with the 'Enter' key of my keyboard. I thought it was a problem with my mouse but it isn't as I changed the mouse and updated the driver for the mouse as well.

Looks like a bug in Gimp 2.6.5 as I don't have this problem in other applications.

Any idea what to do to sort this out?

Thanks in advance.


I use 2.6.5 under XP with no problems. -Rob A>

Same here also with XP and 2.6.5 Anyway on you may found another version of Gimp 2.6.5...may be used also as portable (i.e from USB drive) but work well also if installed on the main HD. Only relevant difference is that is "self-contained" so will not suffer of weird problems caused by conflicting libraries

I had the same trouble with 2.8.6 and Windows 8. Mouse was not responding - I could not select tools or change layer order. Portable GIMP solved the problem for me! Thanks!

Never heard of this problem before. Is there anything special to your system?

E.g. the "remapping of folders" (I think I know what you were doing, but maybe you should explain anyway) you mention is someone that most users will never do, because the installers just install over an existing GIMP...

I think "remapping of folders" should be read as "restore in preferences/folder " my (custom) links for my extra folders". If that there is a (tiny ) hope that the problem is connected with some extra contained in that folder(s)...tiny because gimp 2.6.6 is not a major update so what worked before in 2.6.x should still work. But is easy to check, so better do, just move away the folders with your extra and try to start gimp Try that first, if doesn't work you may try to unistall/reinstall in case the problem was a installer somehow corrupted during the download. and yes some details on your OS and computer may help to find a solution
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