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Grouping Layers

One feature of Photoshop that I found very useful was the facility to use folders to group layers together.

This meant I could design a website with multiple pages which shared certain elements and show/hide them to display different pages (e.g. news and contact pages).

It doesn't appear that GIMP supports such folders - how would I achieve this using GIMP?



you can't do that in gimp, not yet you may only chain layer but that just allow to move or even flip toghther the chained layers and is limited meaning that may be only one group of chained layers for image No workaround as far i know, that feature may be well added to gimp but that will require some developers going for it

Looking for the same thing. I found two workarounds: They are not great, as these functions are not integrated directly in the interface and are far from natural, but still, I guess it will help unclutering the layers a bit. Hope it help... If you find any better, please PM me, I'd be very happy to try it!

I have uploaded today the 'LayerGroups' subsystem that I have been developing and using since 2008 and will hopefully help cover the lacking of built-in layer groups functionality in Gimp. Surely not as fancy as in Photoshop, but using an adequate naming for your layer names you can achieve impressive results. Try it! Best regards, Miguel Oliveira

Gimp 2.8 now has layer folders.

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