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upload scripts

i'm happy to see that the Gimp Plugin registry is resurrected , with new look and better search

But i have a question about uploading script/plugin

Since most are GPL licenced why allow only their author to upload them ?
Of course their name and contact adress should be published but what if someone provide good script but has no time or interest to register , fill the form and upload?

Will seems a better idea if others may submit scripts or plugins they found useful, if licensed under GPL, and if the webside or a contact adress of the developer is included in the proposal

just to make a good example the DBP the David Batch Processor was never included in the plugin register only because the author had problem to log in (issue to rest password) so after some try he just give up And many others may be missed for similar reasons

Well, while I would prefer if the author uploads on his/her own (because that way it is more direct), you may certainly upload plug-ins that other people have written. One thing that might be useful in that case is a dedicated field for author information, as that might be different from the poster. Is that what you're asking for?

Yes exactly that Of course is better that are the author to present their script/plugin but if for any reason they don't (and in the past it happened often ) at least this will help to keep the archive complete.

I'll look into adding this, should be no big deal, I just need to decide on presentation.
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