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The simplest scrip to compress a image in tiff format

I am new (4hours) with gimp, but i have no much time to study it. I need to automate the transformation of all tiffs in a directory to tiffs with LZW compression to another directory...

I spent 4 hours to find file-tiff-load and file-tiff-save ... My script should be somthing like this:

(file-tiff-save RUN-NONINTERACTIVE
(file-tiff-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE "c:/dir/UI.tif" "c:/dir/UI.tif") drawable "d:/dir/UI2.tif" "d:/dir/UI2.tif" 1)

But the source and destination files must be passed at command line... I do not know wath 'dawable' is. I don't understand why have to write the file names twice...

I know i am asking you to do my work, but i think it is not too difficult for you and it is very arduous for me

Thansk a lot

i Believe ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick may do that almost out of the box, or anyway more easily.

I have tryed with ImageMagick but i have to compress in LZW and it cannot I didn't know about graphicsMagick, i'll try it The problem i have is te files to load and compress are about 1GB
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