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Spam, and login

I fully agree that should be not needed registration or login to browse the side or download plugin

But i believe will be better request login to reply to messages, that will reduce Spam and also confusion
Is confusing read several messages of "Anonymous" posted in the same thread,where several "Anonymous" reply to each other or maybe the same reply to himself.

And obviously for a spammer do not make much differences open new topic or reply, only difference is a disadvantage for this side:
is more easy notice and and delete a new topic that is spam, that spam hidden in reply as "nice work thanks blog (Referral link hidden in "blog")

Is also a standard in many similar side, you may read, you may download,BUT if you want post, does not matter if a new thread or a reply you have to login...

registration is free and quick

Another point the "Report this message" button went lost, so is now impossible report spam and so many do not resist the tentation to reply to spammer (as here
..i also replied once to a spammer but then i was not 100% certain that was spam and not just a very dumb reply

I just notice that the spam i reported, THIS was not deleted but were deleted only the replies to the spammer... I fear that will not work , new replies to same spammer are already there

We have now about a thousand blocked spam attempts every day - given that number, the amount of spam that slips through is quite low.

I can't open the node you've linked to, btw.

Hi, When I try to add few lines and example into my script description I constantly receive: "Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted." What I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

Interesting. I could imagine that the spam filter is very sensitive towards external urls now, especially some of the bigger sites that might be used by spammers to store images used for spam.

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