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How to install Gimp plugins?


I've installed Gimp and downloaded the Photo effects filter ( ) and put it into the plugin folder, but nothing appeared when i try to use it in Gimp....

How can i do to install them please? I am using a Windows computer.

Thanks a lot!!!

plugin folder ? it goes in scripts folder.

As zigomar wrote that is not a plugin since you use Windows simple way to distinguish plugin from script is from their extension, plugin always end in ".exe" script -fu in ".scm"

So, please let me know if I have this correct:

If it ends in .scm, put it in the scripts folder.
If it ends in .exe, put it in the plugins folder

Do I have it right?


And if you are running python, all .py files go in the plug-ins folder.

New project at
A Windows installer with a collection of scripts and plug-ins for GIMP.

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