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Separate+ is the plug-in package that provides some useful color-management functions for the GIMP.

RGB to CMYK conversion / Softproofing plug-in (improved version of Alastair M. Robinson's "Separate" plug-in)
RGB to RGB conversion / Profile management plug-in
separate_import (bonus)
CMYK TIFF import plug-in which generates the pseudo-composite image

Current release: version 0.5.8 released at November 9,2010

To find the older release, please visit SourceForge.JP download page.

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I had this problem as well. You'll need to install the dev version of libTIFF and libgimp2.0-dev.

Is very good, but It would be interesting put a option "file->export as CMYK" in menu file. It must generate the TIFF file in one step.

Please try to use "quicksave.scm" script. You can find it in sample-script directory.

Thank you. скачать DirectX 10


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