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Removing Clutter...

At the moment, I'm not completely happy with the layout of stuff on the page, it is too cluttered IMHO. Therefore, I have changed a few things and am, as always, open for suggestions for more improvements!

The changes so far are

  • some menu items at the top
  • one less menu on the left
  • no more gimp news -- they don't change that often and I reckon people visit anyway
  • Navigation menu is only displayed when logged in


1 )there is a edit button but is missed " delete" that may be useful 2) if pressing " reply ", as default subject should remain same Now each "reply" get automatically a new subject (created from the first words of the reply) and that is confusing

There should be a "Delete" Button. For comments, its right below the comment. For plugins and so on, it is at the end of the "Edit" form. Of course, this button will only appear for your own content ;-) If you don't see it at all, let me know, please. With regard to subjects of comments: There is should be a dedicated subject field. However, if that is empty, the first words of the comment will be taken instead. Did that work for you or was there a problem?

No i can't see any delete button for my comment only reply and edit. If this may help i'm using Firefox on windows xp About the subject my point was for the reply, i found confusing that a reply to ,i.e. subject " deleting& subject" change subject automatically . i will expect as default the subject be the same and only as option the possibility to edit (as example to add "solved") I suppose that is done to prevent messages with empty subject fields but will be no better a error warning ( "subject field can't be empty") for the new topics? And ,as i pointed before for the reply, preserve as default the original subject so all messages related to . ie. "deleting&Subjects" are preserved with the same original title You can see on the right side, under "recent comment" as this risk to become confusing, new topic went mixed with the reply , hard to guess which is a new thread and which a reply to older messages
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