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The Kaleidoscope plugin?

The Kaleidoscope plugin is one of my favorite plugins, as it's great fun for creating patterns. It seems that it has disappeared from the GIMP Plugin Registry though. I found it back on one of my older computers, and it seems it can still be found here:

It works on Gimp 2.4.5. on Windows XP and Vista, so why has it disappeared?

However, I can't seem to make it work on Ubuntu 7.10. On Linux, do you dump the same .exe file into the plugin folder, or do you have to use another file? There doesn't seem to be a Linux-specific version available. :( Do I have to compile it myself? (if so, link to a tutorial please?)

Nevermind! I've found the way :) Having finally figured out that "gimptool" is hidden in libgimp2.0-dev... This works: 1. get kaleidoscope.c 2. sudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev 3. cd [wherever kaleidoscope.c is] 4. gimptool-2.0 --install kaleidoscope.c Voila! A working Kaleidoscope plugin.

i use the kaleidoscope a lot too. i'd appreciate it if you would add it to the registry, so i'd be sure it will be around in the future? thx k

maybe what is is needed more a new more flexible kaleidoscope plugin.,i use a lot Kaleidoscope, almost as a tool, and i found this implementation of kaleidescope very limiting I found better results with a Kaleidoscope script for Mathmap ,but that obviously require the mathmap gimp plugin installed. there is also a excellent and free, but not Open source PS-plugin for kaleidoscope from Medhi. It may sort of works with Gimp and PSPI, even in linux ,but in any case with the preview messed up, and that for me is a critical problem
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