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Getting a variation of a script to load

I'd like to load a variation of the pupi-button.scm with these settings-

SF-FONT _"Font" "Arial Bold"
SF-COLOR _"Upper color" '(215 215 215)
SF-COLOR _"Lower color" '(111 111 111)
SF-COLOR _"Text color" "black"
SF-COLOR _"Upper color (active)" '(176 201 136)
SF-COLOR _"Lower color (active)" '(139 201 65)
SF-COLOR _"Text color (active)" '(146 181 111)
SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Padding X" '(4 0 100 1 10 0 1)
SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Padding Y" '(4 0 100 1 10 0 1)
SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Bevel width" '(2 0 100 1 10 0 1)
SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Round ratio" '(1 0.05 20 0.05 1 2 1)
SF-TOGGLE _"Not pressed" TRUE
SF-TOGGLE _"Not pressed (active)" TRUE

(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-round-button"

Instead of typing in the text and colors every time, I renamed my version
pupi-button2.scm and at the bottom script-fu menu-register "script-fu-round-button2"

but it doesn't show up, what do I change to make it load?

You will have to copy the entire contents of the file and change every occurence of script-fu-round-button. Not sure from your post whether you have done so, or only in the register functions. Also, change the second argument to script-fu-register (the "blurp") to something else. This is what you will see in the menu. To load new scripts at runtime, go to (Filters, but something else pre 2.6... > ) Script-Fu > Refresh Scripts.

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