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A port of gimp-ace to GIMP 2.2, based on gimp-ace 0.6.3.

Reading from the original description there: The basic "Stretch Contrast" operation takes in the whole image at once, and if there is a white pixel anywhere in the image and a black pixel anywhere in the image, it figures the contrast is already as good as can be. But Adaptive Contrast Enhancement works to increase the contrast locally, and brings out details that most wide-sweeping contrast-enhancements pass over.

Runs also on GIMP 2.4, but the GUI is not 100% adopted.

gimp-ace-0.6.7.tar.gz163.39 KB
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I have compiled it under Windows (and used it), but the filesize is too big: 557 kb, and there is a Console screen when I use the plugin. I have used it (GIMP 2.4.2, Windows XP) without problems.

Did you try stripping the resulting binary, to reduce the size? On unix the command for that is "strip", on Windows you might find it in Cygwin (but I'm not sure)

Thanks! Now, the file is smaller.

Hello, is the new Windows version of the ACE plugin available for download somewhere? Thanks a lot in advance! luc


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