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Commenting on a plug-in thread

I wanted to comment on the Clarify plug-in but only seemed to have the option of asking a question that is separate to the post about the script - why is there no option to add a comment - or am I missing something obvious?

You're not missing anything - it's not possible to comment on plug-ins anymore (unless there are old comments already), because the site owner has decided that questions are better.

For me, they aren't, and I haven't contributed to any plug-in's "discussion" ever since.

This seems an odd decision not to allow an initial comment - short of a pm to the originator how are they supposed to know that a question has been asked?

The questions related to the plug-in are shown on the plug-in page, at the top of the right-hand navigation menu.

Some of the problems of using questions over comments have been mentioned in this thread:

Ah - I see it now - not as obvious as comments!

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