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Hi, Ok, I just tried posting this as a question and now undersand the 3rd error message. I sure hope this works and it can be posted. First Question: How the heck do you post a question? I put "Gimp 2.8.10" For Subject?? I had to go to forum topic. -------- I am having so many issues that I never experiences. Long story short: I had to reset my computer (Windows 7 premium - see photo) No, it's not an option to get my old files back. Long story., Anyhow, I downloaded Gimp from (which by the way, I had a hell of time finding the link. I saw so many links that said "go here, one had a windows in the link which there was no download.. the download links aren't there. I went through about 10 gimp links before I finally got the download link. My issues are: After I download gimp; I notice that I don't have the Gimp logo I have this weird looking Logo (see photo) I then try to download the extensions and now GIMP WON'T OPEN I get these error messages. As I was typing this, I got this message (see photo) Here are the links I downloaded them from. I also downloaded the help instructions I had to take the http off I am getting put in spam. This is so frustrating. I am mentally exhausted. Yesterday when I tried to download gimp it took 48 minutes. then my husband b/c he thought it would have a virus (eye roll! he doesn't understand gimp) Yes, I deleted all associated files before reinstalling today. Here are the photos. I am posting the HTML as well as the [] and link. For Message boards and websites. I just want to make sure that it posts. update - now that I am on forum page I can upload images
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I'm sorry, my photos didn't post. Some of my question might not make sense b/c this is the third attempt. so you know, what I say the 3rd error message, I meant this error message I was getting for this site and not Gimp. I assumed it was from my gimp. This one here though is from my gimp This is what My Logo looks like instead of what it should look like. This is my window info

Now go to step 1. Uninstall and make sure to remove the userfolder complete too. C:/User/.gimp-2.8
You have done something obviously wrong because the error window is related to GAP, animation package which You are supposed to install separately.
There seems to be loading issues in official Gimp site atm, it´s very slow. But there are mirrors where from You can download the installers.
Install only Gimp first and make sure it launches correctly. It has nothing to do with your computer specs.

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