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Spam flood - again


as you can see, the registry is getting flooded by soccer stream spam again and again - I'm having user registration suspended for the time being. This won't stop the spammer scum that already registered from creating some more spam posts, but will at least give us a chance to catch up to them when deleting it.


Can you delete Spam user account without hesitation, like BilArnet.
Delete on Forum empty topics with zero posts maybe is go idea, to keep forum clean.
Do you have not enough moderators to win the war ??

Right now it looks like we will have to switch to permanent user account moderation if this battle is going to be won.

I've just finished cleaning up the most recent spam, but it will be back... :)

And even moderation makes this a time-consuming job - with 5+ new users attempting to subscribe per hour, and probably 99% of them being a spammer, it isn't exactly easy to pick out the few legit ones.

If that will help. I can't delete these posts fast enough.

How can you delete those post fast? If everyday we can't detect which is spammer and which is not.

The posts of spammers are obvious. They contain info and links that market services totally unrelated to the Gimp Registry.

if only a registered user can post ..then we can track this user down
next time
he will need a new account
then a new account
then a new account
.. until he will leave the battle

about new users
when a user post something we can store some info about his IP
then for another account he can change his name or email but his IP will exist on our database - so we can check new users against the IP blacklist ... etc

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