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HELP!! How to delete plugin files from the PSPI.exe?


I have read loads about how to add photoshop plugins into GIMP 2.8. Have tried a few but some I have added to the file aren't compatible. So know I want to delete the file as GIMP still points to this.

I have tried deleting the file entry but to no avail as I can't delete it. I have removed and deleted the PSPI exe and reinstalled it but the plugins are still there.

Help please thanks in advance.


Ok I accidently found my own solution.

You have to highlight the file to be deleted then I clicked on the wee button shown by the red arrow and viola the files were deleted. Me doing the happy dance. Hope this helps somebody in the future as it was a very frustrating problem. This is on the window brought up on the PSPI.

 photo Capture_zps91d7a08d.jpg

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