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Remove the reply button, please

while "add new comment" work as should the use of " reply " make very hard follow the discussions and create a lot of confusion by altering the chronological order of messages
to add confusion most use reply button by mistake ..."reply" and "add new comment" are almost synonymous so most click just the first seen, the problem is that the effects are quite different

to reply to someone, i.e. to reply to Wilber, is better just " add a new comment" starting with
then push that reply button

As now it make really hard follow discussion if there are more then 3 or 4 messages
Shortly i believe that reply button, in the context of this side create a lot of mess without offering any advantages

You find it harder to find the parent of a reply when it is threaded?

Yes usually when this is implemented there are visual hints, i.e messages are displayed in a tree view, often with "branches" highlighted in different colors this do not happen here and many just use reply instead then add comment only for mistake and that make even harder follow i will find more intuitive use of @whoever for reply The alternative: messages displayed in a real tree view, seems more complex to implement

Don't you see the indentation of the messages?

To me, it seems like we should rather make the "Add new comment" a bit less obvious, because many seem to choose this instead of a reply to the post they're refering to.

Hey, I'm afraid there is no easy way to solve both of your concerns with the current forum system. It seems to be about expectations, which are simply different, depending on prior experience and personal preferences. I'm generally wondering about comments -- some of the plugins have quite a comment history by now, e.g. check out Layer Effects. btw, that comment page gives evidence of the "Reply" problem that PhotoComiX describes. Additionally, some of those comments are bug reports, some should be in an FAQ, and so on. Do you have opinions on that? Is it something we should work on or do you think its a minor thing?

well i already expressed my opinion Since most make a bad use of the reply (or of the add comment) bottom ,and that is hard to avoid since for not native English "reply" and "add comment" are ,as a fact , perfect synonymous i will prefer the reply button removed His function may be solved by adding as first line "@Username" for reply to a specific previous message. In this way at least we will have messages in chronological order that to me is better then the present chaos This site is visited also by many that may fail to notice the right download for their OS in site as Sourceforge, how you may expect they able notice the subtle difference in the concept of "Reply" and "add a comment "? or the "indentation"? The problem is that if 2 buttons have apparently the same function most of the users will just push the first seen

Hey PCX, we will find something for the issue, I just have to figure out a way to do it that will make it through the next Drupal software update (because its in there). My main point was something else: Is the way comments are used on the site good or not?
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