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is there any way of opening pdf files?

i didn't find any plug in for pdf files?


The core GIMP contains support for loading PDFs -- just open a file! However, GIMP is pixel- not vector-oriented. For better editing support, you may want to look at the new Inkscape version (0.46+), which has native PDF support. I never tried that part of it, but Inkscape is generally a great product.

Maybe that is correct for linux In windows xp-vista to open PDF with gimp is required Ghostscript. And is not even sufficient have ghostscript installed , the exe file should be copied and paste (not just moved !) in the gimp bin folder. And may be some other details as a couple of dll to be pasted I suppose in Linux are installed by default all the dependency needed by Gimp to open PDF but that do not happen with other OS

First requirement is have both Ghostscript and Ghostview installed then (quoted from ) There are [B]two[/B] .exe files that you must put in the gimp bin folder. Both of those .exe files are in the gs folder. Do that and see if everything works. Your steps should be as follows for windows: 1. Install ghostscript 2. In the C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.61\bin (copy both .exe files only) 3. In C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\bin (paste the files) 4. Run the Gimp and when you go to open the .pdf you should be able to just preview the .pdf before even opening. Point is if you can preview the .pdf then you can open the .pdf If you cannot preview a .pdf then you have not done this correctly.

Is there a way to save as PDF? I'm opening a PDF file to edit it as an image. Then I want to save it as a PDF again. When I choose "save as" PDF is not in the list of file types. I can do this in Photoshop so Gimp must be able to do it to!

why? gimp is not a clone of photoshop. More PDF is more close to vector graphic then to bitmap, and gimp is a bitmap editor, not a vector editor. May work well to edit image extracted by PDF but to edit PDF, and save in that format you should use something as inkscape

when you say PDF, are you referring to the file extension PDF, the one we associate with adobe reader?

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