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New! Cant Print anything from GIMP

Hi. I just downloaded GIMP and im using it to create images for my screen printing business, but everytime i try to print my printer just spits out a blank document. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.


The print.exe plugin that is in 2.4.5 for Windows doesn't work. Replacing the print.exe plugin that is in version 2.4.5 with the winprint.exe plugin from version 2.2 will give you a limited ability to print from the GIMP program but with no control over the placement on the page, no print preview and very limited page setup. The work around of editing the image in GIMP, getting it out of GIMP as a jpeg file or other common image format and then printing the image from another program is a better solution. Windows Paint, the Windows Photo Printing Wizard or any image printing programs can do the job. You normally want to save an image edited by GIMP in a format other than the GIMP native format anyway just as you would with the Photoshop native format. Saving in the GIMP format is mostly useful for further editing or future saving in a variety of other formats.

This works fine for me, I used another (but very old) well known photo manipulation program and always had trouble printing. It was never the same as what appeared on the screen so today I tried printing from Irfan View (free as well) and it worked fine, I get 98% of whats on the screen now. I then thought I should try The Gimp and got Ver 2.4.6 for windows, I've been at it for most of the day now and am getting to grips with it. I must say that the adjustments for example, Brightness/Contrast and Unsharp Mask are much better and far more controllable than that other program. I will be using less ink, less paper and suffering from less stress now :-) Jim

I am using 2.4.6 and am also having problems printing. The image previews fine but when I print, it is enlarging it so I only get a small section of the image but it is full page (one page prints out). I have tried several printers and I get the same result. I want to use the program in a digital photography class that I teach but if they can't print from Gimp, I won't be able to use it. To have them save and print from another program, honestly, is too much for these folks! I've tried setting the print size to 5 x 7 and get the same results. Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Solved that problem years ago...add more RAM. at least 2X the file size. For a safer print add 10%. I now have 2GB DDR2. The other solution mentioned to save the file, minimize gimp, open file in irfanview.exe, print -- problem solved. You may want to browse the programs configurations first (both gimp then irfanview)

Good luck.


San Diego, CA, USA

I have been unable to print from GIMP (blank page) since upgrading from 2.4.5 (Windows XP PRO 64-bit, 4GB RAM). Yes, I know about all the "workarounds", but this is ridiculous for a graphics package to have no native print controls, preview, and -- in the end -- no native print output capability. I'm currently using 2.6.3 and had hoped that this print problem would be corrected by now -- it isn't. It seems that the GIMP development community is enthralled with all the neat graphics tricks and can't focus on a fundamental facility like printing. So, is it the "plug-ins" fault? Is it something in the base package? Is it operating system dependent? If GIMP ever wants to be taken seriously and have a decent reputation, I would think that this would be an essential problem to fix. To whom should this problem be directed to get any results? Thanks
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