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Admin Note: Server Change

The registry just experienced some downtime, because a DNS update was misconfigured during a site-move. I am very sorry about that, but couldn't really do anything about it because we had a time-limit for the move.

I hope everything is back to normal now -- a couple of software updates were also made at the same time, so problems might occur. Let me know in the comments if you see anything. Thank you for understanding (which I hope you do...).



Did you check the usual things that break during upgrades, e.g. that python files are treated as text files and get a .txt extension?

And someone recently posted that Perl files return a 403 when attempting to download them.

Thanks for the reminder regarding Python files.

Perl downloads should work. Which one was it?

I tried to browse the plugin registry by date, but got a blank page.

-Error with Tags
-Error with first Feed aggregator
-No popular content
-Several errors in My account

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