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convert bmp to jpg

I have been given hundreds of bmp images.
I need to resize them and convert them to jpg format.
But I just can't face doing all of them, one at a time.

I need a script to ...

1) resize them to a certain size
2) save them as jpg, set at best quality
3) and to do this for batches of dozens and sometimes hundreds.

I have never done any scripting for GIMP and have no idea how to start.
Does anybody already have such a script?
If not, can anyone help me get started?

If neither of the above, would you please suggest an alternative?

Thank you for your kind attention :-)


The title of your post lead to the answer - convert

Part of ImageMagick, designed to do tasks like rotating images and converting from one format to another on the command line. Depending on how you want to convert the files, you might find mogrify (part of ImageMagick, too) interesting as well.

See for more information and documentation.

Thank you for your response :-) I shall check it out. I would still like to know if ScriptFu could do such a service? Julianbury

I checked out ImageMagick and found that its best quality is only 16 bits per pixel. This just will not do. Back to ScriptFu ... Can anyone please advise me?

The best quality of ImageMagick is 16 bits per channel - there is even an additiinal 8 bit per channel version for some platforms because of the memory and performance penalty of the former.

i believe so maybe also a gimp plugin called DBP may do it but imagine magick or converter are specific for that If you use windows Xnview and irfanview are very good converter (and viewer) i use xnview that has quite good batch mode, i do not want compare with imagine magick but if you are not used to command line tool xnview may be more user friendly

here ,I would like to recommend the latest image converter ,batch conversion is perfectly supported, and at a high speed.worth a try .

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