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I need to save photographs as jpg. Save and selecting jpg it still save in XCF format. Then I read that you have to export to save in other formats. This is File-export. The problem is that If I choose file there is no export in the drop down list? Any suggestions?


It sounds as though you may still be using GIMP version 2.6 while the instructions you are following are for version 2.8 .

For version 2.6, use "File->Save as..." and provide a name with an extension of .jpg

Have tried this and it still insists in reverting the file to xcf format no matter what I choose from the drop down menu or manualy put in.
Any way have added some extensions and now can save for web that allows me to choose some other formats such as jpg gif etc
Ubuntu depository only seems to have 2,6. They always seem to be several editions out of date!

Make sure that you're not confusing the filter for the displayed files and the file type chooser.

The preferred way is to leave the selector in the default "By extension" setting, though, and type the file name plus the desired extension when exporting.

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