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can someone please help me get the plugin SEPARATE to work on my computer. I am using Windows 7 and just installed GIMP. Please direct me step by step. I have no idea about binaries. I tried to put the SEPARATE folder into the GIMP plug ins folder and restarted my computer but that did not work. Thanks!

What Operating System are you using (XP, Vista, 7, Linux distro?)

Win 7
don't move the folder move what inside the folder (inside you should see at least 1 file with a exe extension, if not is not the right version for win) inside a gimp plgin folder

Step 1

download the new separate plugin from Source Forge :

Step 2

extract the zip archive somewhere

Step 3

From the extracted archive go to "bin" folder and copy all files to :


...for me is C:\Users\john\.gimp-2.7\plug-ins

After that you can use this plugin from the GIMP main menu. Click "Image" menu and there should be the last menu with the name "separate".

I hope it was quite clear.

I've done the above and now get this Application Error:
"The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000007b)"

Now what?
I have Windows 7

I am facing the same problem. Read this thread till the end hoping for an answer! Oh y!! :(
Somebody.. solution please.. :'(

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