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can't open XCF files

I Really need help atm...
In gimp 2.4 i always saved my files as .xcf
That way it saves all the layers of the images too.

Now since last week i cant open xcf files anymore, i also cant find a xcf plugin...

Can anyone Please help me, because the files in xcf are really important and i need to use them really fast.

Thanks in advance ^_^


I suspect that, rather than your XCF documents, one or more files of the application are damaged or lost instead. Therefore, according to me, the simplest way to resolve this problem is to reinstall GIMP.
Otherwise, you might try to open the XCF files with some other program among the ones that are able to read such format.
Here you can find a list of these softwares:

Please define "cant open xcf files anymore". What happens when you try this?

i don't know about the person above^, but when i try to open an xcf file, it only opens the default gray-and-black checkerboard design thing. I am able to save xcf files, but when I try to go and edit them later, i only get the gray-and-black design mentioned earlier. i tried reinstalling gimp as the person above^ mentioned, but it didn't work.

I don't see any previous mention of the transparency checkerboard in this thread?

There have been a few reports about XCF files with lots of null bytes for the image data, but intact headers. No reason has been determined, IIRC.

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