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How do I save a .xcf file as a jpg/JPEG?

Ok, I got a question about GIMP, I have made an awesome
picture, but I can't save it as a .jpg

It says it needs a plugin, but where can I find it or how do I
save it as jpg?


no additional plugin is needed, to save as jpg, if gimp was correctly installed is only needed to add .jpg after the image name in the Save AS or " Save Copy as " dialogs (at least if you did not change default save option) As example if your want call your image "my-image" to save as jpg you just wrote there " "my-image.jpg " If then you get message about missing plugin then is probable you downloaded a corrupt installer

Ok... But then where can I download this ''corrupt installer''..?

At least with Gimp 2.8 on a Macbook Pro, you can't actually "save" an image as a jpg (or anything other than a .xcf). You have to go to File->Export and "export" the image to a non-gimp format. I hope the developers can fix this.

PLEASE overcome this shortcoming. I have just discovered GIMP and need to convert hundreds of photos. Exporting them is a lot of extra work. Please fix this for us MAC users.

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