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Another program for fast editing for a web?

I'm using GIMP as a replacement for IrfanView for quick mass editing of photos for web: crop, resize, strip unnessessary data, color correction, unsharp, save as jpg. Advice on more efficient program for this, please. I'm using Linux Mint 15, Cinnamon desktop.
Reason fot this request:
After reading this post here ( , it seems that GIMP was made for other type of users, and users like me (quick mass editing for a web) should use other programs, more suitable for their tasks.

"I basically see two categories of GIMP users out there.
First is using simple image manipulations such as resize, crop, rotate, etc. All they need is to get it done in time efficient manner with a bunch of shots they took last weekend and upload it ...
Well, all that makes new JPEG quality settings behavior annoying for first and useless for second category of users."

"The first user group should not use GIMP for their tasks at all - while it is certainly possible, it is not geared towards their needs in any way, and they have to cope with a lot more technicals details than they might want to, as you have noticed. There are other image editors with different feature sets and target audiences; this fact is known to and acknowledged by the GIMP contributors."


The editing capabilities of gthumb or f-spot should do, and they also come with cataloging by e.g. date, which may be helpful in your workflow.

Thank you, GIMP is actually much faster and easier to use than gThumb for these tasks, and cataloging is nothing but troubles for workflow. I took a look at f-spot, it has (minus) -58 rating...

Any other suggestions?
I tried: fotoxx, Image Magick, digikam, gwenview, gqview.

If would have been nice if your initial post had included the list of applications you tried, and why they were not suitable for you.

This would help people to a) not suggest any of them again and b) point out if and what you might have missed a feature of an application.

When you say quick mass editing, do you mean a consistent set of edits to lots of photos, or do you mean you manually have to determine parameters for each photo to apply them?

This will make a huge difference in how to approach the problem.

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