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Installation Question

A member of Apple's Tech Support Team recommended GIMP to me after I realized that my new Mac (OS 10.8.4) came with no useful software preloaded. Although GIMP seems like a great alternative to Adobe's notable photo manipulation app (the cost of which now is w-a-y above my budget), unfortunately, without a user's manual, all I've been able to do with it so far, is explore some of its features. . . In downloading what looked like the correct version for my Mac, I must have overlooked the manual, so am hoping someone in this forum can guide me thru the steps. Probably also should add that although I cut my computer teeth on an original Mac Classic, I know next-to-nothing (correction: ABSOLUTELY nothing) about terminals, scripting, etc. . . .Thanks in advance to any knights in white armor willing to come to the aid of this aging but still mentally agile grandmother.

The GIMP Users Manual is available online at . The Users Manual does not include installation instructions because GIMP is available for several different platforms and its installation varies from one to another.

According to the downloads page of, there are two different packages available: a plain vanilla GIMP and one with a few extras plug-ins and extensions (with instructions to, "Just open the downloaded DMG and drag "" into your "Applications" folder").

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