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I'm an occasional user and I'm stumped

I have been using 2.6.8 (I think) occasionally for a while to do fairly basic cleanups on photos. Today I have a precious family photo that I have cropped to a tidy image. I have just spent 2 hours trying to put some text below it: text tool, draw text box, type in text. Nothing at all appears in the text box. So I tried making a new layer for the text, and putting a text box below the photo in that. Same happened. I looked around the Web, where Youtube shows it workin. So as all the online help seems to be about versions 2.8... and show some things different in detail, I thought I'd better uninstall my 2.6... and get up to date, so I did that. Now on looking for a download, I find that your site is evasive about having options for current versions of Windows (I have been on W7 64 bit since Jan 2010, best OS I have ever used) and installation problems under W7 are a topic of discussion (which concerns me cnsiderably).
Would someone please tell me:
1. Where do I get a stable version of GIMP from for my operation system?
2. How does one put text below an image? Was I experiencing a W7 64 bit problem or what?

Thanks for any reply.


Please note that as of now now I'm GIMPless!


A2. You need to increase the canvas size of your image. You can do this in a couple of different ways. You can manually increase it under the menu command "Image->Canvas size"; or you can create your text above your image, use the Move Tool to drag the layer beneath the image, and then run "Fit Canvas to Layers".

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