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Layer Box Location Please????

i opened my GIMP2.6 Program to doodle and practice getting good at it....and the box that tells you what layer you are on and shows you all the layers....its not there....and i don't know where to go to get it back....I use alot of layers and i know how to manual add a layer but i need to switch from layer to layer and i can't do that cuz i can't see what layer im on without the layer box thing.....

Can someone please help.....?


In the main tool-bar of Gimp 2.6, goto Windows>Recently Closed Dock and select the Layers, Paths,...

Or: Windows> Dockable Dialogs> Layers

It is NOT intuitive. I don't understand it either.

Where do they "dock"? They don't, in the conventional sense.

Are they dialogs? Don't seem like it, there is no OK button, which traditionally dialogs have.

Maybe my knowledge of Gui's is outdated.

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layer box back
If you know how to get the layer box back
send the instructions to this email

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