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Downsizing the lines in a line art

Hi guys

I'm looking for a way to decrees the size/thickness of my lines from my line art.
I am scanning sketches and then using scan2lineart.scm to get a good line art, but i'm finding the lines are to thick.

So i'm looking for a script or at least a method to do so.
thanks in advance

You could use Curves to reduce (shrink) the lineart.

And to shrink even more with curves, perform a small gaussian blur first. This will destroy detail smaller than 1/2 the size of the blur, however.

-Rob A>

If you can have the lines be white with black fill, you can also try G'MIC's Skeleton preset. May or my not work for you. :)

This is an old topic, dating from 2011, but I just uploaded a Python plugin that addresses it:
Line Width.

I hope great improvements over the plugin will be made in the future, but right now it appears
to be the only game in GIMP town. If you play with the settings with your line art you should get to the
line width you want. Be sure to convert it to RGB before starting. :)

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