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How do I make the plugin work?

I've installed GIMP 3 times from, then I installed it from CNET and I still can't view pictures online. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

Gimp isn't meant to view pictures online... Gimp is a picture editor. There are several sites around that tease you with pictures that you are made to believe can only be viewed with Gimp (with a download link conveniently provided) but the software has little to do with Gimp, and is a rat's nest of malware. Scrub your computer carefully.

Gimp is open source, anyone can add a nasty payload to the original code and distribute it on the net.

Some trustables sources (official site) and (not official, but just as good).

That site has the following sign of forgery: "[...] is distributing a modified installer which is different from the original ones."
Your computer may now be infected with a trojan, and could be working with countless other systems worldwide under the control of criminals. See for an example.

Stay well away from any such sites when downloading GIMP.

installer advertises other downloads while installing should clue you in that this is a malware installer.
Many font sites have gone to these installers with behind the scenes installers and adware installers to your browser.and it can really mess with your internal system settings.Most of these installers have very small decline or confusing buttons so you just install everything. Don't use these types of installers.Trust only the original download sites for programs.And even then be wary as to what installers you download.
Stay safe.


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