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Alternative to Luminosity Mode or layer from Photoshop on gimp

I'm kind of new to gimp, so please excuse my ignorance, I'm unable to find an alternative to luminosity mode from Photoshop in gimp. I read some articles online relating to "luminosity masks", desaturation and then chosing luminosity.. none apply the correct function. According to another article I read, luminosity mode in Photoshop is an affect to the brightness of a picture without affecting the color. In gimp under layer mode there's "value" which supposedly is the equivalent but it still doesn't look like its supposed to. Does anyone know of a method as close as it gets to this mode??

What I'm attempting to recreate is a gold look to skin (like Egyptian golden statue color ) on a photograph here's a link to the YouTube video where the last step on the video [by the way I know the final result sucks on the videos but I'm going to change some things) but this is basically what I mean by "luminosity mode ":

You're mixing up some terminology, and it might be causing some confusion for you...

Luminosity "Masks" are for masking out portions of the image based on their luminosity values - this way you can adjust portions of an image isolated by how bright they are. These are not what you want for this tutorial. (If you want to learn more about them: See Here)

Luminosity "Blend Mode" is a way to blend a layer with the layer below it. In Ps case, it will use the luminosity (brightness) values from the top layer, and the color/hue/saturation from the layer below it.

GIMP's "Value" blend mode is similar to "Luminosity" blend mode in Ps, but not quite the same. :)

What you really want to do to follow this tutorial is to change the blend mode of the "gold" layer that is over your base image to blend mode "Color". This will use the color from the top layer, and the value from the layer below it. I've tested it, and it seems to work similarly to the video you linked.

Thanks patdavid!!!
Yes I was and still am a bit confused with luminosity, I'm new to all this and don't quite understand many things. It worked with the "color" mode on the gold layer...
It was in vain though because the next video which is a follow up to the above video, utilizes channels which also differ from gimp lol... so I'm just experimenting with other effects because Photoshop channels vs gimp channels have great differences.
But I do thank you for your help.. maybe others who are trying to turn skin gold can have some help reading this (though it's probably not popular but still an infamous photo tactic).

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