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Downloading gimp

I am having a lot of trouble getting a working copy of gimpshop onto my computer. I do not have an internet connection at home, and no working laptop, so am unable to port it over from any downloading site. I have tried downloading from the public library onto a flashcard, and it installed perfectly onto the flashcard, but when I take the flashdrive home, the application will not run on my computer (XP operationg system), because it does not recognize Gimpshop as a win32 program. Once back at the library, the application runs perfectly. I have not been able to find a portable installation file with the entire program in one zipped file that could be downloaded and installed in one fell swoop. Does such a thing exist? Each time I try to download an installation file, I run into the library firewall.

Please help.


You should probably stay clear of gimpshop, as most versions of that on the net seem to be infected with the InstallIQ trojan (some people might claim that this is just an install wrapper, but reports suggest otherwise). This may also be the reason why the library firewall blocks all the downloads.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a legit site for unmodified versions left, as the original author himself seems to have abandoned the original domain.

So I suggest that you try GIMP itself - head to and follow the links there. This page tries to determine what platform you're using (and is usually quite successful at that) and will present the Windows download link by default if you use a Windows platform.

What puzzles me is that you seem to have been able to download the file once, and even install it on a flash card, but are unable to simply download the installer to the card. If anything, I would have expected installs to be blocked, not simple downloads...

thanks for your reply, schumaml.

One of the library techs assisted me in the download and overrode the firewall protocols. I am not sure what he did. What I like about the photoshop version is that the controls are neatly tucked away to the sides and out of the way. always having to shift the controls around the screen is annoying, but most importantly it is a time waster, as it interferes with the creative process by always having to interrupt a task to move the controls.

another feature I like is the elimination of the need to resuze the cursor on startup to define a 1 pixel brush to work with.

I will try what you suggest


The tab key hides the docks. In single- and multi-window mode.

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