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InsaneBump 32-bit Windows Install Steps

01. I have searched and read all the general help items relating to the installation of plugins on a Windows XP platform. I have placed the InsaneBump.txt file in the proper directory, correctly changing its file type suffix to .py.

02. Gimp (2.8.4) launches and appears to run correctly in all respects. The menu hierarchy Filters>Maps however does not expose a plugin named InsaneBump. What is exposed is named BumpMap and does not, as far as I can tell, provide the functionality that you have supposedly ported from the original standalone program posted by Omar.

03. So, please bear with me. The Messie-posted instructions concerning installation are extremely terse, which may be appropriate if you assume that all users are not only long-time GIMP users, but probably Python developers. For someone who is not in that category, but would really like to be able to use your valuable plugin, please provide precise instructions which, if necessary, but I cannot tell, may involve a prerequisite requirement to install any other Python libraries and/or tools which are not installed by a fresh install of GIMP 2.4 itself, I will need to download and install in order to successfully access your code.

To be clear, I would like instructions that have nothing to do with Linux, nothing to do with 64-bit versions of Windows, just the correct steps for a long-lived, very solid 32-bit windows environment on which Python development does not take place, so no assumptions concerning anything not installed by GIMP will succeed.

Thank you.

If you open the python file in Notepad ++ you will find it looks for C:\Program Files\InsaneBump
You have to have that installed first i believe and so far i have not been able to get it to run even with that.
So i too would like some detailed instructions on how to get this running.


if you try the plugin from heres,does it seem to work?

It initializes in Gimp but doesn't show in the menus.


It does not work for me either. I have no idea why though I will have to look into it.

Your file isn't valid Python - it's got mixed indentation - spaces and tabs

It also appears to be shelling out to use the ImageMagik convert command and a plug in that's not in a standard GIMP install - plug_in_vinvert

I fixed the indentation and IM dependency, but it still does not show up in Windows. Any more ideas?

Change the first line to #! /usr/bin/env python

Windows Vista tested - (32 bit)

Re-Download the python file.Place in your user/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins folder.
command line
python """reindent C:/Users/userName/.gimp-2.xx/plug-ins/
Then change python2 to python and it works.


It seems to work now that I changed python2 to python.

I also need a step-by-step, this time for Windows 7 64 bit. I'm running GIMP 2.8. I've copied the file (which still shows as a text file and not a python file), renamed it with the right .py extension, and placed it in the /.gimp-2.8/plug-ins folder. Yep, numerous times, after various tweaks following suggestions here (wish it was linked to the original download page).

This plugin would be extremely valuable for people who make textures for 3D modeling, as you know - yes, it can be done in GIMP and in Blender, but it's either tedious or deeply confusing. There are changes coming in a virtual world I frequent that will make the ability to quickly produce all of these kinds of maps extremely useful and maybe even slightly profitable.

So, after all that, it shows up as Filters/Map/Insane... and looks very nice when it comes up, but no preview and nothing happens. I double checked the image directory to make sure it wasn't silently generating the images in the background.

I even deleted the path C:\Program Files\InsaneBump - no change

I found the Python console (is that the command line?) and tried the indent command. Is that necessary, or was it fixed? No change, and the response was just "..." in the console.

Nothing works - could this script please be updated to remove the path reference, and is it possible to add an installer or installers so that it could be painlessly installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux? At the least, Windows and Mac??

It would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. I was all set to test it out and post it all over the place. Now I can't play with it. ;)

and it should show in the menus, and launch an interface for you.
It still doesn't however create any maps for me in the images directory i open the file from. I am waiting for the author to correct this.

See here if you want this script run on windows:

I hope you use it!
Spirou4D (french script now but english soon...)

I will try Spiriou4D's suggestion but I would still like to see a step-by-step installation guide.

!!!Please Refer to the update of this post underneath, You will find an easy step by step install(InsaneBump.exe) for WinXP 32bit XP3 that worked for me, as well as a correction to file formats accepted by this plugin!!!

Finally worked out how to use this script, looks..well...insane.

WinXP something 3 32bit
GIMP 2.8.2

Steps I took to install InsaneBump.exe (WinXp SP3)

Download InsaneBump.exe (

1- Double Click InsaneBump.exe
Note: I did not need to download the separate file.

2- follow the prompts
Note: I already had Python 2.6.6 installed so I cancelled that bit(It will install python 2.6.1. press cancel if you want. )
Note:(I have since upgraded to Python 3.3, no problems so far)

3- Install all dependencies (3 prompts to accept)

4- Install Gimp 2.5
Note: I have Gimp 2.8.4 so I cancelled this bit as well (press Cancel if you want)

5- "A message" (Where is your Gimp folder located)
Note: mine is "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2" (not sub folders just the main Gimp 2 folder)

InsaneBump GUI will pop up
and your done

To use insanebump in GIMP(2.8.4 for me) do this
GIMP > Filters > Python-Fu > Test > insane
remember this one does NOT have a preview window

To use InsaneBump GUI Version do this:
C:\Program Files\InsaneBump\insane.bat
Double click insane.bat

I just use the Gimp version because I am having problems with the GUI version.

Hope this helps

WinXp SP 3 32bit
GIMP 2.8.4 (yup updated,still works,still no preview though)

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