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Crashes upon Starting Application

2.8 is crashing right when I try to open it
Worked perfectly just a few hours ago, and now have tried everything and it wont start

Right when it gets to loading the data files it crashes

Not code savvy and dont know much about how it all works
Any one know what to do or experiencing the same issue????

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Try deleting all the rc files in the UserName\.gimp-2.8 folder Then restart Gimp.Gimp will recreate them on start up.Be sure and KEEP the pspi.rc if you have one.PS files have never to my knowledge caused a start up problem.
If you have recently installed a new plug-in remove it and re start Gimp again.
If the problem persists still, remove all your ENTIRE UserName\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins folder and restart Gimp.If Gimp starts fine after that replace each plug-in one at a time until you find the one causing the problem. If the plug-in requires DLL files re-download and install it to be sure to get the correct ones.Examples are G'MIC and MathMap.
If it still will not start update all your windows drivers. Restart your computer and restart Gimp. I know this sounds funny but i have actually had users Gimp not start and create a gimprc file because they did not update their drivers.
IF the program still will not start you may have too many Fonts, Brushes, or Patterns in the resource folders. Try a Brush manager such as GURM or remove a few. OR remove the entire BRUSHES folder from the UserName\.gimp-2.8 \ folder and restart Gimp. If that works then try a brush manager as i suggested earlier.
Too many Patterns, Fonts, and Brushes are usually the culprits that slow Gimp start up down or stall it.


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