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GIMP dies at start (Edit: Fixed)

(I'm really not sure where to be posting this, as this forum is for the plugins and scripts, but I couldn't find a place for errors with the program itself!)

I had GIMP 2.6, and used it for a year or two, when one day, it decided not to work. I'd hit the button for it, and the loading screen would appear for an instant, then disappear, and the process would also be gone in Task Manager.
Annoyed, I changed to other programs for a while.

Recently, I saw that GIMP got a major update, and updated to 2.8. And it's having the same problem.
First time I tried starting, it died. Tried again. Died.
Then I ran the installer again. Still dies.
I uninstalled, restarted my PC, reinstalled. Still dies.
Just now, I tried uninstalling it, deleting every GIMP folder I could find, and ran CCleaner, then reinstalled it.
And it still dies.

I've also tried a portable version of GIMP 2.8: Same problem.

Anyone know what the problem may be?

EDIT: Fixed by going to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Languages>Details...>Advanced>Turn off advanced text services.


If you have changed your mouse without updating the drivers you need to update them. Same with any other hardware.
If that doesn't work, or you have not changed any hardware before the gimp start up issue began, then remove the entire set of RC files found in USER\.gimp-2.xx folder and try to restart Gimp again. One of these should fix the issue.Most likely it's a driver update.


A mouse is probably a bad example for this, as you generally do not install any drivers for them, they just work. The only issue you might have is that you won't be able to reassign the meaning of the buttons.

Actually i had a user at that needed help with this same issue.It turned out to be mouse hardware drivers that never got updated as they thought they didn't need to either.
I am not sure what your problem could be other than a correct environment variable value.
Have you checked to make sure you have the correct version of Gimp installed? 32 bit or 64 bit.
Is it installing in the correct program directory? Windows now has a 86 and a regular programs directory if you have 64 bit system.All i can add is try Parthas installer. - His are usually the latest GIT build and seem very stable to me.

Start Gimp verbose and see what the console window says.


No new hardware to cause the error. And removing those files doesn't help. I've tried that several times already.

- As Rod said, Start Gimp verbose and see what the console window says.

- Open the DOS command (cmd) and type:
cd /D C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin (The path may be different.)
and then type:
gimp-2.8.exe --verbose
(or just add --verbose after the path in the property of your shortcut and start Gimp)

- To see all the options:
C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin>gimp-2.8.exe --help-all

- Copy / paste the result on this site so that we can help you.


Any way of making GIMP NOT close when it dies?
I did the "--verbose" thing through cmd, and that just makes the verbose window pop up sooner. But, it disappears at the same time GIMP does.
The window closes before I can copy the text, and Print Scr isn't doing a reliable job. The output is something like this:

INIT: Gimp_Load_Config
Parsing 'C:\Documents and Settings\User\.gimp-2.8\unitrc
Parsing 'C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\etc\gimp\2.0\gimprc
Parsing 'C:\Documents and Settin... (The rest is covered by the title bar of GIMP Startup)
gimp_composite: verbose=no
Processor instruction sets: +mmx +sse +sse2 -3dnow -altivec -vis
Adding theme 'Default' (Path...)
Adding theme 'Small' (Path...)
Writing (Path...)\themerc
Trying Splash 'C:\Documents and Settings\User\.gimp-2.8\gimp-splash.png' ...failed
Trying splash 'C:\Program Files\Gimp 2\share\gimp\2.0\images\gimp-splash.png' ...OK
INIT: gimp_initialize
INIT: gimp_real_initialize
INIT: gui_initialize_after_callback
INIT: gimp_restore

- For the moment, I do not see anything abnormal.
Event the following message is normal:
"Trying Splash 'C:\Documents and Settings\User\.gimp-2.8\gimp-splash.png' ...failed"
=> Gimp checks if you have your own image in this home directory before putting the default "gimp-splash.png"

- I should have known that the window would be closed because of the crash. ;)
Try to redirect the console log to a text file.

- Open the DOS command (cmd) and type:
cd /D C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin
and then type:
gimp-2.8.exe --verbose >C:\tmp\log_cryolu.txt
("C:\tmp\log_cryolu.txt" or what you want,
but of course, be careful not to name the file as an existing file, as this will overwrite the contents.)

- Open the created file and copy the content on the site
notepad C:\tmp\log_cryolu.txt

I get the same text as I had posted. (INIT, Parsing, Theme, Writing, INIT, and then it stops with the gimp_restore.)

- So, you should read the interesting comments of these topics if it is not already:
Crashes loading fonts:

Crashes upon Starting Application:

- Is GTK environment is up to date?

- No message window when the crash happens?

- Nothing in the event viewer?

Validated several fonts. Nothing else has problems with any of them. And usually the crash from fonts is because there are too many things to load and it just takes forever.
All drivers are up to date. Nothing was added or changed before GIMP stopped working. Nothing else has problems.
GTK SHOULD be up to date. It's installed with GIMP.
No message window when it dies. It just disappears.

Where do I type the event viewer thing at?

  • Where do I type the event viewer thing at?
    - Start Menu, type eventvwr.msc, and press Enter.
    - or Start Menu, click on "Run" button, type eventvwr.msc, and press Enter (for Windows XP)
    - or in DOS command, type eventvwr.msc
  • GTK SHOULD be up to date. It's installed with GIMP.
    Yes, sorry, this is true for the new versions. I forgot.
    Personally, I always downolad Gimp from the official website.
    I hope you did the same.
  • Have you seen all the options I told you? (in gimp-2.8.exe --help)
    -d (no data) will not load brushes, gradients ans patterns
    -f (no fonts) You will be sure it's not fonts that crash Gimp.
    gimp-2.8.exe -d -f --verbose>C:\tmp\log_cryolu.txt

Event viewer isn't showing any errors from GIMP.

With or without -d or -f, GIMP dies. It doesn't even seem to die faster or slower either way.

Maybe it would work with Gimp Portable, but I've never tried it myself.

I tried that, and it had the same problem.


I somehow managed to get GIMP working again by some part of changing my desktop theme from Windows Classic to the standard XP theme, and completely disabling every different part of that multi-language toolbar thing. It was most likely the toolbar thing causing the problem, though it didn't have any negative effect on any other program.

Love GIMP, updated to 2.8.6 from an earlier version and it would flash and disappear. Originally showed the Windows DEP window, about needing to approve changes or something of the sort... Installed, uninstalled... fooled with DEP settings. Drove me nuts for quite a while...

The simple change in your EDIT worked... thank you... thank you... thank you

And re-enabling that setting causes it to fail again? This is very important to know - reintroducing the assumed error condition to resume a problem is very important in debugging, because that helps to narrow down the real fix, which might be a unexpected by-product of the assumed fix.

In general, this can't be a widespread problem - these reports are the only ones I recall seeing about that.

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