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Brushes question


I am new to macs and to GIMP and was hoping someone could help. I'm trying to install an .abr files into the brushes on GIMP 2.8 and using OSX Mountain Lion. I have downloaded the .abr and am able to copy it but when I try to paste it into the brushes folder in the GIMP files, it wont let me. I have done the show package contents, resources, etc. to get to the brushes folder but just cant get it to drag in there.

Help greatly appreciated!


into its own folder. For instance a folder on your desktop named ABR-FILES.
Now open Gimp and go to Edit>Preferences>Folders and select Brushes.
Add the path to that new ABR-FILES folder to the brush path interface. Select ok to keep the changes.
Then restart Gimp. The new brush/brushes should be available now in the brushes palette.
Remember some ABR, PAT, and other Adobe files are not compatible with Gimp.


Ahh thanks so much!

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